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    Before You Jump

    Is marriage overhyped? Is it relevant in our modern society? As Christians living in these modern times, how can we live successful and happily married lives? Let’s face it, there are some decisions even when you make a mistake, you can easily recover from. Marriage, however, is one of those life altering decisions you would
    rather want to minimize the mistake …

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    The Contagious Church

    In a bid to deal with an epidemic government may pass martial laws such as a lockdown and other restrictions of movement, to prevent infected people from easily passing on the disease. In the same way, Satan’s greatest strategy against the church is to try and isolate those infected with the power of God, by restricting the impact of the …

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    The Power Of Synergy

    There are several factors and drivers for success in life, WISDOM being one of them. So necessary, yet too often overlooked. In fact, Wisdom is personified in the scriptures as one crying out to be discovered and deployed for maximum success.
    In this book, Pastor Chris examines the first two of the four little creatures, in the book …